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Continuity of Ministry & Operations Plan (COMOP)

COMOP documents are designed to assist local churches in building resiliency to disaster. When church leaders plan how they will protect and care for staff, parishioners, and physical property in the event of a disaster, they are better prepared to mitigate risk and impact. Consequently, church leaders can then strengthen their position from which to minister to their community when disaster strikes.

Begin by downloading and reading the “COMOP Introduction” below.

COMOP Additional Resources (Microsoft Excel Files):

How To:
Plan a Community Disaster Preparedness (CDP) Campaign.

CDP campaigns build community resiliency that benefits children, senior citizens, families, and young adults from all walks of life. The campaign is a consortium of local faith-based, for-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations committed to building awareness and strengthening their community’s resiliency to disaster.

Click here for a campaign synopsis.

Convoy of Hope is pleased to provide CDP campaign resources, free of charge, to local churches and organizations who wish to help build resiliency to disaster in their community. Content of the CDP resources (i.e. campaign manual and planning documents) have been developed and used by Convoy of Hope. Every effort has been made to provide useful and accurate resources. However, Convoy of Hope cannot be responsible for any outcome due to use of the CDP Campaign Manual or any CDP planning document. NOTE: Convoy of Hope does not currently provide technical support or consulting services for CDP campaigns or related events.

CDP campaigns can include one or more of the following events:

  1. Building Your Resiliency to Disaster Seminar
  2. Faith-Based Disaster Preparedness & Response Seminar
  3. Family Preparedness Festival and Outreach
  4. Follow-On Actions

To start your planning efforts, download the following zip files today.

CDP Sample Promotion Artwork: