Amateur Radio

Convoy of Hope continues to enhance its ability to respond to disasters. With assistance from the Amateur Radio Community, amateur radio has been added to our communication priorities and protocols through the creation of a new National Amateur Radio Group called, Convoy of Hope Amateur Radio Response Services (C.A.R.R.S.).

The purpose of C.A.R.R.S. is to provide support communication services to Convoy of Hope, affiliated agencies and volunteer groups during commercial communication disruptions. With the resources and talents of partnering amateur radio operators, health and welfare message handling can be provided in disaster areas where Convoy of Hope serves, benefiting victims of disaster whenever priorities allow.

C.A.R.R.S. seeks to champion and promote the value of others involving themselves in amateur radio and to be available to meet the needs of every disaster victim through the medium of communication.

For More Information:

Click here for an online C.A.R.R.S. Volunteer Application (PDF)

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