Food Services

Food Services involve preparing and serving meals to evacuees, relief workers and volunteers.

Using donated bulk food, churches can prepare hot meals on small and large scales for the short to long term. In widespread disasters some churches, operating as shelters, provide meals for evacuees for the short term until the American Red Cross secures its food supply chain and begins delivering meals.

Meal preparation is done onsite at shelters and off-site as an outsourced function. Some faith-based and non-governmental organizations specialize in mass feeding using mobile canteens, walk-in kitchens, and as a supplier to support shelters and relief operations (e.g., Mercy Chefs, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, The Salvation Army and American Red Cross). Local churches have been effective in mass feeding like Christian Life Church in Orange Beach, Alabama that fed 6,000 individuals per day in Waveland, Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina.

Convoy of Hope partners with Mercy Chefs, a 501(c)3 non-profit faith-based charity. Mercy Chefs is committed to serving high quality professionally prepared meals in disasters and national emergencies; with the purpose of showing the love of Jesus Christ through Christian compassion and hospitality to victims, first responders and volunteers. These committed individuals set up mobile kitchens, organize local volunteers, create menus and, most importantly, pray for each day’s events. With the ability to respond to multiple locations quickly, Mercy Chefs bring Christian hospitality, nourishment and encouragement in times of disaster.

For More Information:

Read the Findings, Limitations and Challenges, and Best Practices of Food Services presented on page 48 of the report entitled, Heralding Unheard Voices: The Role of Faith-Based and Non-Governmental Organizations During Disaster (PDF).

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