Help Your Community


  • Can you imagine the community in which you live being genuinely thankful for your church?
  • Can you imagine city leaders valuing your church’s friendship and participation in the community - even asking for it?
  • Can you imagine the neighborhoods around your church talking behind your back about “how good it is” to have your church in the area because of the tangible witness you’ve offered them of God’s love?
  • Can you imagine a large number of your church members actively engaged in, and passionate about, community service, using their gifts and abilities in ways and at levels they never thought possible?
  • Can you imagine the community actually changing because of the impact of your church’s involvement?
  • Can you imagine many in your city, formerly cynical and hostile toward Christianity, actually praising God for your church and the positive contributions your members have made in Jesus’ name?
  • Can you imagine the spiritual harvest that would naturally follow if all this were true?
- Church of Irresistible Influence, Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis paints an almost idyllic seeming portrait of how the local church and its local community could interact. But it doesn’t have to be idyllic.

When your church prepares for and takes the lead in responding to the disasters that affect your community you send a message to them that you care not just about getting them into the doors of your church, but that you are willing to go where they are and care about them personally.

Disasters aren’t always the massive hurricanes or tornadoes that affect thousands or millions. Some are much smaller, sometimes affecting only one or two families. Just as the man who benefited from the deeds of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10, people in the homes of your community experience personal disasters every day, a house fire, flooding, wind damage, etc.

When you become a part of the disaster response framework of your community, you position yourself to be available to help those who are in need of help and hope. When you step in to become help and hope to people you build relationships that lead to conversations about Christ.

There is a tremendous opportunity for the church to be involved in their community, to take the lead in helping others and to love their neighbors. Now is the time to take hold of that opportunity and see how your community, and your church, is transformed as a result!

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