Medical Services

Local churches can help meet the medical demands that accompany major disasters by planning ahead. Churches serving as a shelter may wish to call upon doctors, nurses and dentists in the congregation to serve evacuees needing medical attention. In addition, talk with local pharmacies and your health department to explore how you can help evacuees staying in your shelter get prescriptions filled.

Local churches can fill gaps by providing immediate basic medical care and first-aid to disaster survivors. If your church is not a shelter for evacuees, consider making your facility available to house qualified medical personnel (nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, etc.) with equipment and supplies to assist with minor to moderate medical treatment after a disaster. Also, visit with local hospital officials to explore ways your church facility, staff and volunteers can serve local hospitals during major disasters.

For More Information:

Read the Findings, Limitations and Challenges, and Best Practices of Medical Services presented on pages 51-52 in the report entitled, Heralding Unheard Voices: The Role of Faith-Based and Non-Governmental Organizations During Disaster (PDF).

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