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HBH Family Preparedness Kit

The HBH Family Preparedness Kit takes the basics of survival (i.e. fresh water, food, clean air, and warmth) and other commonly recommended items for an emergency supply kit, and breaks them down into a five week preparation cycle. This approach allows individuals and families to build their kits over time in a way that is manageable. The 5 week cycle includes:

  • Week 1: Water
  • Week 2: Canned, Packaged & Comfort Food
  • Week 3: Warmth, Weather Radio, Flashlights & Extra Batteries
  • Week 4: Clean Air, First Aid & Personal Hygiene
  • Week 5: Special Items

How the 5 Weeks Work

For each week, add the recommended items to your family preparedness kit. Determine quantities you need based on the number of people in your household. Begin with a 3-day supply. Use the HBH Family Preparedness Checklist to help you.

Cannot afford to get everything at once? No problem. Simply finish the 5-week cycle and then repeat the entire cycle (or the weeks you still need to finish) as many times as needed until you complete the minimum recommended 3-day supply. It is not a matter of how quickly you complete your kit, but that you do complete your kit.

Local Church or Organization Campaign

Local churches and organizations can use the HBH Family Preparedness Kit as a campaign once a year or as often as twice a quarter. Campaigns can be run on continuous cycles with minimal cost and promotion through simple pulpit, PowerPoint, bulletin, small group, classroom, break room, payroll, email, and/or web site announcements. Brochures can also be kept at the church information booth or break room with the corresponding week’s insert displayed.

Churches and organizations can also use the HBH Family Preparedness Kit as an outreach tool to the community. Congregations and employees can designate one or more cycles to create family preparedness kits for distribution to neighbors and/or on-site storage until needed in the community. HBH Family Preparedness Kits also make great gifts for seniors, shut-ins, visitors, new members, and new employees.


Download the files you need to begin building your HBH Family Preparedness Kit.

Individual & Family Downloads (PDF files):

Church & Organization Downloads (Zip files):

  • In-House Printing - color PDFs / grayscale PDFs (inserts are split 3-up, 2 cuts; checklist 2-up, 1 cut; brochure 1 fold; all pieces 2-sided)
  • Outsource Printing - color PDFs / grayscale PDFs (inserts 3-up, 6 cuts; checklist 2-up, 1 cut; brochure 1 fold; all pieces 2-sided)

Family Preparedness Kit Checklist (Microsoft Excel):

HBH Family Emergency Plan

Develop a family emergency plan for your family and utilize this plan as a preparedness strategy for your church or organization. Convoy of Hope offers the HBH Family Emergency Plan which helps parishioners, employees, and their families think through home escape routes and meeting locations, evacuation plans, family communication, utility shut-off and safety, and more.