Greater Things 2012 Conference

The following material was handed out and discussed during the Greater Things Conference 2012 in Baton Rouge, LA. Feel free to download all of the resources to be used for your household, local church or for instruction concerning preparedness. Below is a brief explanation of each document so you are aware of some of the venues they could be used for.

www.hopebeginshere.com - This is our preparedness website that was referenced many times during the conference - if you've found this page, then you are already here! Take a second to bookmark this site on your web browser to make it easier to find in the future.

Hope Begins Here Web Links - This web page provides shortcut links to important information that we have available - it helps to get you where you need to go without having to search through the site.

Five Things (61K .pdf) - "Five Things To Do When You Can't Do Anything Else" is a document which outlines the basic, most important disaster preparedness steps you can take. This is a very important document and if nothing else, make it a point to implement these 5 things into your disaster plan.

Church Capacity Survey Form (95K .pdf) - This document will help in listing out the strengths and amenities that your property, congregation and staff have to offer in the face of a disaster. This will be extremely useful just to have on record and to update as things change (building add-ons, new buildings, new vehicles, staff changes, etc.). Lastly, if there were ever a disaster in your area that Convoy of Hope dispatched to, this is the information that would be most helpful to us as we come alongside you and work to help and bless your community.

The Church...Responding in Crisis (2.3M .pdf) - This is a PDF copy of the MS-PowerPoint that was shared during the afternoon session of the Greater Things Conference. It has been posted on here for you to view, in case you were there and wanted a copy, and also for you to share with others.

Preparedness Bulletin Inserts (4.1M .zip) - These files are preparedness brochures that would work great for a church bulletin insert. Simply downloading and printing these inserts out will give you the tools to help prepare your congregation and/or people in your life to have a plan and some supplies in case something were to happen. There is also a checklist to check off the recommended supplies for households to have on hand.