What To Do If…

Prepare It Forward: Learn, Live, Lead

Each potential disaster has important differences that will effect your decisions and actions. Learning about each, before they happen, will help you plan, prepare, and respond quickly and appropriately.

In this part, you will find important information about building your family and church’s resilience to “what if” situations and how doing so can strengthen your position from which to help others in crisis: evacuation, fires, flooding, influenza pandemic, shelter in place, and other disasters.

Frequently Asked Question: What is family and church resilience to disaster?

Resilience is the ability of your family or church to bounce back and recover quickly from disasters in a healthy way. An analogy of resilience is a beach ball in water. When pushed under water the ball may be stressed (compressed) by the surrounding pressure, but it can resurface quickly near its original shape and position. People who take action to prepare their home, family and church for disasters, recover more quickly and safely; and, strengthen their position from which to help others in need.