If there is an explosion:

  • Exit the house or building as soon as possible.
  • Check for fire and other hazards and call for assistance as needed.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • If there is a fire, use the back of your hand to feel the upper, lower, and middle parts of closed doors. If the door is not hot, brace yourself against it and open slowly. If the door is hot, do not open it. Look for another way out.
  • If your clothing catches fire, do not run. Instead Stop, drop, and roll to put the fire out.
  • Never go back into a burning house or building.
  • If you are trapped in debris, avoid unnecessary movement and stirring up dust.
  • If possible, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth, or piece of clothing, and breathe through it.
  • If trapped, tap on a pipe or wall so rescuers can hear and locate you.
  • Shout only as a last resort. Shouting can cause a person to inhale dangerous amounts of dust.
  • Assemble a family preparedness kit and create your emergency plan that designates a place for your family to meet both in and outside your immediate neighborhood and community.

Other disasters include:

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