Smoke and asphyxiation is the leading cause of death in fires. If you smell smoke or see fire:

  • Remain calm and exit the building as soon as possible.
  • Find another way out of a room if you see smoke under the door.
  • When encountering closed doors, use the back of your hand to feel the upper, lower, and middle parts of closed doors. If the door is not hot, brace yourself against it and open slowly. If the door is hot, do not open it. Look for another way out.
  • When smoke is present, make your way to safety by crawling on the floor to an exit.
  • If you are trapped, stay near a window and signal out the window for help with a piece of clothing; call 9-1-1 if you have a cell phone available.
  • Create and maintain a family preparedness emergency plan that designates a place for your family to meet both in and outside your immediate neighborhood.
  • If your home has more than one level, consider buying escape ladders and train family members how to use. Ensure screens are easily removable and windows are not blocked and open without difficulty. If applicable, be sure burglar bars can be easily opened from the inside.
  • If your clothing catches fire, smother the flames by STOPPING, DROPPING & ROLLING.
  • Unless it is safe, and you are instructed to do so, don’t go back into a burning building.
  • Do not take time to place a phone call or gather valuables when there is a fire. Fires spread quickly and can become life threatening in two minutes and engulf a home in as little as five minutes.

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